We Are A London-based Cyber Security Firm Specialising In The Protection Of High-profile Individuals And Organisations.

James Tamblin, CTO – Crisis Response and Investigations

James is former military intelligence officer with experience of leadership in technical defensive environments. He is an expert in risk and security with a background in management and crisis response across several security disciplines.



Recruited from the UK Intelligence and Security Services, our people offer a unique insight into global cyber risks coupled with the knowledge and tools to effectively deal with and mitigate threats.

We understand that every situation is unique, including the impact it can have on individuals and organisations. Whether you are dealing with an incident in progress or simply need to turn to someone for confidential advice, contact us for a no-obligation conversation.


  • Jake Hockley
  • James Tamblin
  • John Downham
    Penetration Testing Director
  • Lewis Anderton
  • Jake is a cyber investigations professional with extensive experience of working with government and private clients at the highest level. He began his career working for the UK Government against threats to National security before founding Marclay and using his expertise to assist commercial clients. Jake is the company CEO and works closely with senior legal contacts in the UK and abroad.

  • James is former military intelligence officer with experience of leadership in technical defensive environments. He is an expert in risk and security with a background in management and crisis response across several security disciplines. Since leaving the military he has worked in advisory roles in the security and intelligence sector - delivering projects for global banks, consumer businesses, multinational technology giants and family offices across Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

  • John is a cyber security specialist who began his career working for the Ministry of Defence in the area of information exploitation. He progressed to work for the UK government conducting penetration testing at specialist and sensitive sites throughout the UK. Using his extensive expertise, John now leads the technical department at Marclay, delivering security audits, security testing, penetration testing and intelligence gathering.

  • Lewis is a cyber security investigator specialising in digital forensics, data recovery and preservation of legal evidence. After a successful career in the Royal Air Force and the Metropolitan Police as an Intelligence Analyst, Lewis uses his experience and knowledge to handle the most complex cases – presenting information and options to a variety of stakeholders. His experience in a variety of sensitive environments enables Lewis to provide timely, practical and actionable advice in a crisis situation.


  • We are there when you need us. With the expertise and gravitas to handle the most challenging technical and political situations, we can help you eliminate threats and restore confidence. As a trusted advisor, we provide clarity and assurance for your key stakeholders.

    Issues our Crisis response team typically deal with:
    • Internal and external cyber attacks
    • Data breaches
    • Digital extortion
    • Social media attacks and reputation harm
    • Advisory services

    The chances are that whatever situation you’re facing, we’ve dealt with it before.

  • Our Cyber Investigations capability is unrivalled. Conducted by security vetted consultants with UK Government and Police backgrounds, we use a variety of tools and techniques to uncover the truth.

    Whether you need to quickly gather intelligence, or you require evidential-standard investigations, we can provide a responsive and dependable service.

    Examples of investigative activity:
    • Post-incident investigations to establish cause, extent of breach and to advise on mitigation
    • Digital forensics and discovery of key data from devices and storage media to support legal cases or investigations
    • Cloud forensics
    • Establishing the identity of hostile parties
    • Assisting law enforcement and judicial agencies with intelligence
  • Threats can materialise in a variety of ways – often unanticipated and from unknown sources.

    With our Threat Management and Alerting services, we provide unique insights into your global systems using artificial intelligence - identifying threats in real-time rather than after the event.

    We monitor a variety of sources for threat intelligence including the public Internet, internal networks, social media, and the dark web.

  • We offer a variety of services to provide reassurance or highlight vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. From network-level assurance to application-specific testing of servers and systems, we will tailor a service to your needs.

    • Network | Cloud Infrastructure and Application testing
    • Phishing Excercises
    • Vulnerability Analysis and Monitoring
    • Social Engineering and Physical Penetration Testing
    • Open Source Intelligence Discovery - What are you exposing to the internet?
  • Whether you are seeking assurance or need to address known problems, our Cyber Security Audits will provide the information you require and advise on areas for improvement.

    As your trusted advisors, our pragmatic approach is tailored to your organisation’s operating environment and can be aligned to global standards such as ISO27001 and SOC2.

  • Our advisory and support services have proved invaluable to many global, high-profile organisations.

    To augment your team on an ongoing basis, we offer a Virtual or Outsourced Information Security Officer (ISO). Whether you need the assurance of having someone to turn to for advice or need a fully embedded ISO to enable a transformation programme – we can help.


Designed by Cyber Security Specialists who were active members of the UK Military and Intelligence Services, Marclay One™ is a secure communications platform that provides everything needed to conduct business in a private, secure environment with the highest levels of discretion. The system is particularly suitable for high-risk and high-profile teams where elevated levels of privacy and protection are required.

Marclay One™ can be rapidly deployed globally and is backed up by a security-vetted team providing world-class service, support and advice.

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