Protecting personal and business email and social media accounts is a common concern

For individuals without managed services in place, there often isn’t a single solution to comprehensive online protection. But the best thing any individual can do to safeguard his or herself is to take advantage of the additional security features available with almost all major email,  social media and similar providers. It takes a few minutes to implement and reduces the risk of your account being hacked significantly.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is an option that will help protect personal and business accounts by requesting not only a user name and password when you first log-in from a new device but once these have been successfully entered, you will be asked to provide a code (either sent to your phone by text message or pushed to a specific app on the phone). This makes it really tricky for a hacker to successfully gain access to accounts which are protected with MFA, even if they have guessed or scammed you into revealing your password.

Here is how to enable MFA on some of the most common online platforms:

Some providers don’t offer this feature yet (which is crazy). Uber, American Express and British Airways are just three examples of businesses who don’t give users the option to protect their accounts with MFA at the time that this article was written.

If there are any other accounts you’d like to protect with MFA you can visit a great site (here)or get in touch with Marclay for a more in-depth discussion on your personal protection. You can email us at or call us on +442030393394.