Rapidly understand your key risks and how to mitigate them

The Marclay Cyber Health Check is designed to provide you with an initial assessment of your organisation’s Cyber Security & highlight potential risks.

Whether you are responding to a specific event or simply need assurance, our Health Check will provide a valuable insight into your Cyber risks along with guidance from our specialist cyber security team.

Cyber Health Check


With a background in the UK Intelligence and Security services, our teams have unrivalled experience dealing with the most challenging types of Cyber crime. Using this experience and armed with knowledge of the most common ways that organisations are compromised, our Health Check combines technical as well as human and organisational factors to address real-world vulnerabilities.

What we do

Phase One

Our expert consultants will work with you to gain an insight into your organisation, then will look at systems, staff, policies and culture to create a bespoke risk profile. We aim to be discreet and light-touch - usually this process can be conducted onsite or remotely.

  • Organisation
    How cyber security is managed across the organisation including areas such as training, policies, staff and leadership
  • Network health
    The maturity of network security, including provision of internet and firewalls
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
    How your cloud-based services are deployed and managed, such as file storage & email
  • Device health
    Which devices are in use and how they are managed, including mobile devices
Phase Two

Using the information discovered in Phase One, we will conduct a series of technical checks appropriate to your environment. These checks will include the use of non-invasive tools to scan for common problems and risks.

  • Domain health
    Checking your domain for issues that could indicate a security risk, such as your domain being blacklisted
  • Email health
    Technically testing the configuration of your email addresses and hosting, such as your website being hosted on a compromised server
  • Suspicious Activity (SaaS)
    Looking for activity that indicates any attempts to defraud or imitate you or your business
  • Breach Check
    Using access to all areas of the internet and our proprietary cyber breach database to see if there have been any incidents in the past
Phase Three

When checks are complete, we will compile your bespoke Health Check report which includes your unique Cyber Health Check Score.

Findings are presented in an easy-to-understand format, clearly explaining the relevance and potential risks associated with each area. As part of this report we will provide recommendations that will help you improve security and mitigate risks more effectively.

Simply contact us using the details below and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss your high-level requirements in order to provide a personal illustration.

Cyber Health Checks are part of a portfolio of Cyber Security services provided by Marclay Associates including Crisis Response, Investigations, Audits and Managed Services.

Please see https://marclay.co.uk for more information.
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