Cyber Investigations

World leading cyber intelligence collection and data analysis to inform critical decisions
Cyber investigations can be challenging and complex, often sensitive requiring expertise and discretion.
Our investigators are hand-picked from UK intelligence and security services. They bring an unrivalled wealth of intelligence collection and investigative expertise to deliver results in complicated and challenging cases.
We have conducted investigations for organisations and individuals across the world and our clients understand our reputation for delivering on complex mandates. Whether the scope is significant or narrow, the output of our work is typically of great value to our clients. The team is experienced at working alongside investigative partners which may include law enforcement, corporate investigators and legal teams.
Marclay's investigators follow the ‘Intelligence Cycle’ and cover the following phases:
  • 1. Direction – A detailed brief on the investigation, to establish the issue and the actions taken to date.
  • 2. Collection – Gathering the source data that will be used to investigate, often involving forensic capture.
  • 3. Processing – Taking the key data and triaging the information to begin assessment and analysis.
  • 4. Analysis – Methodically analysing the information to identify the key intelligence relevant to the investigation.
  • 5. Dissemination – Providing our findings, either verbally or in writing, at regular intervals until conclusion.
These steps are typically continued in an iterative loop until the desired outcome is achieved.
Our investigators have access to a suite of professional software and forensics tools to ensure intelligence and information can be collected swiftly and with the knowledge that it is preserved for future potential legal action.
The team have recently worked on a variety of cyber investigations with a focus on:
  • Criminal investigations
  • Civil investigations
  • Internal investigations
  • Online investigations
If you have a investigative requirement please call us on +44 2030 393 395 to speak to one of our team.