Digital Forensics

Acquiring and preserving digital data for use in evidence or in support of an investigation
Whether you're looking to gather evidence as part of an internal investigation, in preparation for legal proceedings or simply to recover lost business data, having our team of experienced digital forensics experts on your side will dramatically improve the likelihood of a successful outcome.
Using a recognised and robust eight stage process, our digital forensics team works with you to:
  • Identify potentially relevant sources of digital data (such as specific computers, servers, mobile devices and cloud services).​
  • Preserve this data and safeguard against its loss or modification by ensuring that systems and equipment are ringfenced, assessed and handled appropriately.
  • Collect data using tools and techniques which ensure accuracy and completeness, and which allow for the integrity of the collection process to be demonstrated and verified in the future.​
  • Examine the collected data using a triage process, to rapidly identify those types of material which are likely to be relevant to your investigation.​
  • Analyse relevant material using a suite of forensically-sound technologies and processes.​
  • Interpret the results arising from this analysis in the context of your investigation as a whole.​
  • Document the preservation, collection, examination, analysis and interpretation stages, such that the entire process can be independently verified if required.
  • Present the findings using clear, straightforward language and relating key aspects of the digital evidence to the practical issues in your case.​
We are equipped to collect and analyse data stored on physical equipment such as desktop and laptop computers, servers, external storage devices and mobile phones. We also conduct forensic investigations involving cloud-based services, including Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite.
Some of our more common investigations are concerned with employee misconduct, intellectual property theft, cyber crime, computer misuse and white-collar crime, but no two investigations are the same and we always provide an entirely bespoke service, tailored to your specific requirements.
Because of this approach, we are particularly well-placed to conduct digital forensics investigations with challenging or unusual features, including, for example, where evidence resides upon computers in multiple legal jurisdictions, or where the collection and analysis of evidence is governed by particularly demanding legislative or practical considerations.
In addition to providing clear and coherent reporting to you throughout the investigation, we can also liaise with your legal representatives and provide expert witness services, should your investigation result in formal legal proceedings. To facilitate this, our experts have practical courtroom experience and, where appropriate, we can provide reports in compliance with various regional and case-specific requirements, including the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR, part 35) and Criminal Procedure Rules (CrPR, part 19.4) in England and Wales.
To enquire about our forensic services please call us on +44 2030 393 395 to speak to one of our team.