Penetration Testing

Simulating attacks against your infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and harden defences
Our UK government trained and CREST certified penetration testing team conduct vulnerability assessments and simulated attacks on client technology platforms across the world. Whether testing inside your offices, data centre or from the internet, our team will highlight key risks and demonstrate how to protect your technology from cyber attack.
There are many forms of penetration test or vulnerability assessment services that we offer but here are some of the main focus areas:
  • 1. INFRASTRUCTURE TESTING – Whether your infrastructure is on premise or in the cloud, we can provide assurance that you meet all required standards with white or black box penetration tests. All results are provided in a detailed report, along with remediation support if required.
  • 2. WEB APPLICATION / API TESTING – Using the OWASP top 10 methodology we can identify security issues resulting from insecure development practices. Applications can be tested in a variety of ways, ensuring security is integrated throughout the lifecycle of your application.
  • 3. WIRELESS NETWORK TESTING – The objective of wireless network testing is to identify weaknesses in your secure environment, and also to ensure there are no rogue or malicious access points attempting to steal your information.
  • 4. SIMULATED PHISHING TEST – How likely are your employees to open or click on phishing emails? With a simulated phishing test we will offer you full metrics on how easy it would be for your organisation to fall victim to common phishing techniques, helping to increase staff awareness.
  • 5. SOCIAL ENGINEERING – It is often said that the individual is the weak point in any secure environment. With a social engineering engagement, find out how easily sensitive data can be taken from your organisation, by manipulating unsuspecting employees.
  • 6. RED TEAM SIMULATED ATTACK - If you’re looking for a real world test of your organisation, our ex-intelligence services consultants can construct highly sophisticated scenarios with the ultimate goal of data exfiltration and persistent access.
In addition to the above, we are able to fully customise our approach and leverage specialist consultancy support for deployment on specific projects. Our penetration testing team are frequently deployed throughout our long term Virtual CISO engagements or during an Information Security Audit as part of a technical review.
To discuss our penetration testing services please call us on +44 2030 393 395 to speak to one of our team.