Virtual CISO

Building a mature information security environment across your organisation
We act as your expert advisors on all matters of information and cyber security. As your virtual Chief Information Security Officer ("CISO") you get access to a dedicated account manager and team of skilled security experts who take ownership of information security for your business. We work with you in the long term to help make sure you stay protected against the changing cyber threat landscape.
A lead consultant will work with you to build a roadmap for developing your maturity over an initial 12 month period. Using specialists from the Marclay team, this will start with a bespoke risk assessment, taking a detailed and proportionate view of your organisation and the challenges it faces. We believe in taking our lead from the globally recognised information security standards, including ISO 27001:2013, Cyber Essentials (UK) and Cyber Essentials Plus (UK), but adding the ‘real-world’ element that directly addresses your needs.
Here are some examples of early focus areas, which we build upon to develop your strategy:
  • 1. Organisational Approach to Cyber Security. We assess and advise on how roles and responsibilities specific to cyber and information security have been resourced.
  • 2. Security Policies, Governance and Compliance. We review and improve your approach to policies and guidance for employees and look at your legal and regulatory obligations to ensure they are being met.
  • 3. People Controls. We ensure your staff are suitably trained and assessed on the latest cyber threats to the organisation . Additionally, we review the level of access individuals have to key data within your organisation.
  • 4. Technical Monitoring and Testing. Our team make sure you have the right monitoring in place to detect then deal with a cyber attack or other incident. Regular testing prepares you should an incident occur.
  • 5. Third Party Information Security Controls. Vetting the third-parties and suppliers with whom you share information and data is important; We ensure that the right system is in place to optimise your approach.
This service provides you with all the benefits of a dedicated, in-house Chief Information Security Officer ("CISO") and retained access to security specialists to guide your cyber security programme on a long term basis.
To discuss our virtual CISO service please call us on +44 2030 393 395 to speak to one of our team.