Our people
Ben Ashby
Junior Consultant
Ben is a Junior Consultant that works across our consultancy projects, coordinating closely as a first responder in cyber incident response to oversee the deployment of our team and the logistical planning of the engagement.
Holding CPSA and CySA+ certifications, Ben is a technical specialist, often involved in supporting our work in investigations and rolling out strategy roadmaps as part of our virtual CISO engagements - including cloud platform security auditing, penetration testing, vulnerability management and red teaming engagements.
Ben is also the lead on many of our in-house R&D projects, ranging from deployment and testing of red team infrastructure to the configuration and administration of various security solutions.
Studying Computer Science at university, Ben took a keen interest in a wide range of topics including cryptography, discrete mathematics, operating systems and web application development. His final year dissertation focused on research into a subset of network flow algorithms called maximum flow algorithms and the real-world applications they have.